on the historic boston fish pier

Sunday August 04, 2019


An Annual Affair

The 2019 Boston Seafood Festival

Thank you to everyone who made 2019 our best year yet! Check out the highlights video, and be sure to get BSF 2020 on your calendar!


Schedule of Events

Come “sea” it all!

The founding festival team represented women and men from across the Boston seafood industry with the shared vision of promoting the historical importance of seafood in New England. The first party was held in the seaport, overlooking Boston Harbor. The crowd included dozens of Boston’s top chefs, seafood vendors, and entertainers, and attracted a diverse audience from all over New England. Year after year, the festival grew and is now hosted at the site that gave birth to this vital industry: the historic Boston Fish Pier. Every year, the event attracts more vendors, chefs, entertainers and attendees – and 2019 promises to be the best year yet!

The Boston Seafood Festival is presented each year by the Boston Fisheries Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common health.


THe eats


Harpoon beer garden


Battle of the shuckers


fish cutting contest

chef demos




The historic Boston Fish Pier


The Boston Seafood festival is held every year on the historic Boston Fish Pier. Built in 1910, by the 1920’s it was home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the United States. Today, it houses Boston’s major seafood companies and enjoys a spectacular view of Boston Harbor.



Thank you to our Sponsors!

We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors - we could not bring the wholesome family fun without them!


Harpoon brewing company

Harpoon has been with us since day 1. We love their beer, we love life, and we LOVE the Harpoon Beer garden!


Filson is THE go-to for high quality leather and outdoor goods. If you’re going fishing, they guarantee the quality of all of their products.

East Boston Savings Bank

Save more money with EBSB!

Peak Event Services

You have an event? You need PEAK. Best tents, best people, no questions asked.


The 2019 Boston Seafood Festival is held on the historic Boston Fish Pier thanks to the generous support of Massport.


Quarterdeck Seafoods / Seawitch Inc

On the team since day 1, driving the BSF boat into the future! Onward, captain!

F.J. O’Hara

F.J. O’Hara has supported the Boston Seafood Festival since day 1. A company with a long legacy (over 100 years!) they have shaped the face of the Boston Seafood industry through out the decades.

Channel fish

Every year, Channel Fish pledges their support to the Boston Seafood Festival. If you like delicious, fresh, seafood, Channel Fish BRINGS IT!

John Nagle Co

Another one of founding fathers of the Boston seafood industry, John Nagle has been providing great people with great seafood since 1887. Oh, that’s fresh!

Echelon Seaport

Urban resort living in Boston’s most fish-friendly neighborhood!

Dhl aviation

You need to ship your fish somewhere? Look no further than DHL, serving the needs of enterprise customers since 1969.

Boston Sword & Tuna

Boston Sword & Tuna has supported the Boston Seafood Festival since 2012. They provide fresh, local and sustainable seafood, with a commitment to responsible harvesting and fisheries management.

Stavis Seafoods

Industry veterans Stavis Seafoods provide fresh and frozen seafood to grocery chains and restaurants near you! Responsible sourcing coupled with industry knowledge - Stavis Seafoods brings more to the table.

The mission of the Boston Fisheries Foundation is to preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common health
— Boston Fisheries Foundation