In 2012, a group of motivated fish guys & gals decided that they wanted to throw a great party for a few thousand of their closest friends…

The founding festival team represented women and men from across the Boston seafood industry with the shared vision of promoting the historical importance of seafood in New England. The first party was held in the seaport, overlooking Boston Harbor. The crowd included dozens of Boston’s top chefs, seafood vendors, and entertainers, and attracted a diverse audience from all over New England. Year after year, the festival grew and is now hosted at the site that gave birth to this vital industry: the historic Boston Fish Pier. Every year, the event attracts more vendors, chefs, entertainers and attendees – and 2018 promises to be the best year yet!

The Boston Seafood Festival is presented each year by the Boston Fisheries Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common health.


We believe in supporting our fishing communities

For over 400 years, the fishing industry has been a unbroken thread woven into the fabric of Boston. Seafood is forever linked to our regional identity.


Unified by a love for the ocean and the fish who live in it.

Presented by Boston Fisheries Foundation, Boston Seafood] Festival combines a terrific family-friendly day of delicious seafood sampling, live music, local chef demonstrations, children’s activities and more with a rare opportunity to learn more about preserving Boston’s essential seafood and maritime heritage.